Best seller Spa treatments with 15% discount

To make your stay with us even more delightful we would like to offer you the chance to pre-book one of the best seller treatments from our Spa à la carte menu with a 15% discount. Take advantage of this unique offer and indulge in a relaxing journey of the senses.

Indocéane Spa Ritual without hydrobath (100min)

110 € – 15% = 94 €

This sensual treatment commences with a Mediterranean influenced body exfoliation that gently softens the skin. This is followed by an Ayurvedic-inspired massage using warmed oils and ancient Indian practices.  The final step is an Asia originated Silky Smooth body wrap fragrant with sacred Lotus notes and enriched with Rice Bran Oil. The skin regains softness and lasting comfort.

Candle Massage (50min)

80 € – 15% = 68 €

A luxurious body massage with special aromatic candles to enhance energy, relaxation or firming. Delicate, creamy warm candle flow on the body while a combination of manual massage, stretching, soft pressures and long strokes relax the muscles helping the body shed all tensions and the skin becomes silky soft and nourished.